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Cullen & Easton are a family run Independent Funeral Directors in Cumbernauld offering a personal, individual and professional range of funeral services.

Cullen & Easton in Cumbernauld  provide a high quality, individual funeral service to people in Cumbernauld and the surrounding communities.

Founded by Margaret Easton in 2009 the company has gone from strength to strength and is now one of Cumbernauld’s premier Funeral Directors.

Margaret has a long history working in senior management for some of the largest companies in the profession. On seeing how these companies worked, she believed that she could offer improvements in the services they offered to bereaved families, both the delivery of the services and in the value for money they provided.

Margaret strives to offer the very best possible care along with really personal service that you just can’t get from the large national companies. 

She is also a British Institute of Embalmers qualified Embalmer. 

Always a first class service
With Cullen & Easton we make sure that you are completely taken care of. We appreciate  what you are going through and how difficult it may be for you and make every effort to make the process as stress-free and hassle-free as we can.

Cullen & Easton give you:

  • All the help and advice you need from start to finish
  • We do everything exactly how you want it to de done. If you’re not sure then we’ll take you through everything step by step and ensuring that nothing is missed out
  • We know the local area, the Churches and non-religious celebrants, the local cremetoriums and cemetaries, the venues and caterers, florists, stationers and transport companies
  • We organise funerals of every type, religions and non-religious and of every faith and culture
  • We have a our own Chapel of Rest where you can arrange viewing of the deceased for friends and family
  • We offer a range of quality Funeral Plans that allow you to pre-arrange everything or just make sure that the cost of a funeral is paid in advance and that regardless of inflation the complete cost will be covered



Our staff are extremely experienced in all aspects of funeral care. You can trust us to do it right.


Over the years we’ve built up a reputation for always offering outstanding customer service.


Our staff are trained to the highest level in the UK funeral profession. We know what we’re doing.


We offer extremely good value for money and promise that there will be no hidden costs.


We cater for all types of funeral whether it’s a cremation or a burial, religious or non-religious. Often if it is to be a burial the family will choose a religions service in a church or funeral home. We cater to all faiths and all cultures and understand the unique different ways that various faiths and cultures do things. 

If a cremation is chosen the service often takes place solely at the crematorium though it may also involve a Church or funeral home service. The choice of service is entirely up to you, we’ll be happy to advise you of the various options if you are unsure what’s best for you.

If you choose a religious or  Humanist service we can help advise you of the expected content of the service  if you are in any way unsure. We can help with things like providing Orders of Service, flowers or choosing a reception venue for after the funeral. 

Whether you choose a burial or cremation we’ll advise you of everything you need to know to ensure everything runs perfectly and stress on the family is kept to a minimum.

Every funeral, like every person, is different. Whether a funeral is a simple, low key affair or a grander event we treat everyone equally and with the same degree of care and attention. When we speak to you we will give you a clear and complete breakdown of costs for the various options you choose. 

As a general guide the funeral directors fees are often around £3000. This includes the costs for making all of the arrangements, doing all paperwork and providing professional advice. Also included is uplift of the deceased from the home or hospital, embalming and care at our funeral home until the day of the funeral, a basic coffin (various choices are available), a hearse and transport on the day of the funeral for the immediate family and the provision of Funeral Director staff on the day.

To be added to this cost would be your local council’s charge for burial or cremation services and other expenses such as flowers, church services, stationery, newspaper intimations and catering charges. The cost of these will vary and will generally exceed an additional £1000.

If you are finding it financially difficult we will advise you on the most cost-effective way to carry out the funeral and we can refer you to organisations that might be able to help you with funeral costs. We will give you a complete breakdown of all costs and nothing will be hidden from you. We try to keep our own costs to an absolute minimum and we think we offer the best value for money in the local area. 

When someone dies the first thing to do is call a doctor if there is not one already in attendance. You will need a Doctor to fill in a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death before a funeral can be arranged. Although a final date cannot be given before the necessary paperwork has been completed we recommend that you get in touch with us right away at this point, regardless of the time of day as we can help advise you on what you should do next and answer any questions that you have.

There are certain formalities that need to take place and we will guide you through everything you need to do from this point on. If the death is sudden or unexpected the emergency services will probably attend and this will involve the help of the Procurator Fiscal to investigate the cause of death. We can keep in touch with the Procurator Fiscal on your behalf to keep you informed of progress.

It’s essential that you obtain the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death in order for the funeral to take place. If the death was expected either after an illness in a hospital or after an illness at home the doctor gives you the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death certificate you will then need to register the death. We’ll advise you on where you need go to do this and what to do.

In cases where a death is suspicious or a post mortem is required to be carried out there will obviously be a delay in the funeral taking place. We understand that this can be difficult and painful for the family involved and we will make every effort to ensure that you know what’s happening at every stage and have someone to contact if you are unsure of anything at all.

We understand that this can be a very difficult time and that you might well be emotional and upset. We will try to ensure that you are kept informed at every stage in the process in order to help give you a feeling of control and calm.

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Cullen & Easton Funeral Directors
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Telephone: 01236 724000

Out of office hours (24 hours) telephone: 01236 724000

Chapel of rest visiting hours:
Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday – By arrangement
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We try our best to offer  opening hours to suit each family so can arrange out of hours opening on an individual basis.